Leg hair removal

Végleges lézeres láb szőrtelenítés

For most athletes, leg hair removal is especially important. For many, this is a serious problem because muscle relaxants and other sports creams are difficult to work 100% in this area. Others choose leg hair removal to improve their sports performance or an aesthetic point of view.

There are several ways to remove hair from legs; the effect of them however varies widely. Shaving is a fast and painless solution here again, but you have to repeat it often, maybe on a daily basis. Waxing lasts much longer, but it can be extremely painful. Same applies to epilation which lasts also only a few weeks. In the previously mentioned cases it is recommended to take folliculitis into consideration as well, which might cause discomfort and not only for women with sensitive skin types.

The most modern and safest hair removal method is the permanent DPC hair removal that guarantees silky legs permanently. After treatment you can say good-bye to the continuous and never ending hair removal on your legs.

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