„Men often want to prove themselves.”

 – Francine Rivers


Skin Laser Aesthetics

The main profile of our newly opened salon is the permanent laser hair removal using DPC (Dynamic Pulse Control) technology.

For women the beautiful, aesthetic, hygienic appearance is of high priority which cannot miss the nice, neat, hairless skin.

The frequent cleansing and depilation of hair cause problems as of adolescence, especially in summer.

In our Skin Laser Aesthetics Salon we can help you so that hair removal will not take much more of your time and uncovered legs or arms won’t cause any discomfort for our customers any more, and they can spend their free time with their family and hobbies.

We work with the Sharplight Formax Plus laser hair removal machine which painlessly stops continuous growth and appearance of hair with the revolutionary new DPC technology.  Painless treatments are assured by a special cooling head that works with the TEC – Contact Cooling technology.

In our salon elegance meets the high technology of the beauty industry.

How does the permanent hair removal works?

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