Chest hair removal

Végleges lézeres mellkas szőrtelenítés

Chest hair removal has become a fashion in the last decades. There are men who are luckier in this regard, because they do not have, or only barely have hair on their chest, but others become shy due to their thick, coarse hair.

Removal of hair from the chest areas is usually carried out with a razor, but this also means a very short term result in this case.
Some men reject the option of waxing due to the accompanying pain. Usage of depilatory creams is not recommended due to the high concentration of chemicals and increased sensibility.

The permanent DPC hair removal works with the highest efficiency on the chest as well. Thanks to this, even those with thicker hair can say good-bye to unwanted hair. Athletes and bodybuilders can get rid of the task of hair removal before the races.

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